- do you play with beginners?

Yes, I do play with beginners but only if you already know what you want to try or not. 


- can I pay by card?

No, you can only pay cash or by PayPal. 


- do I have to pay before our appointment?

It depends on the appointment but I do prefer a downpayment by PayPal. 


- do you make photos or videos?

I don't prefer taking photos or video while playing. 1 It interrupts the session. 2 I want everything to stay as discrete as possible for the both of us. 3 if you really want some photo's we can talk about this ofcourse.


- are you looking for a house slave?

Not at the moment,  but if you think you really are what I am looking for then you can introduce yourself. 


- what are your boundaries? 

Check my possibilities page. 


- can I pay less then the hour price? 

No, I do not negotiate about the price. I am not a sale product